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Sunburst Ravioli Mold

Make your homemade ravioli a work of art with this handcrafted mold and rolling pin in solid walnut.

Material | Walnut

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Make the most beautiful, show-stopping ravioli with this grand sunburst raviolo mold and rolling pin made just for Giadzy. Crafted by hand from solid walnut, this double-sided mold stamps out large individual ravioli in a grand double sunburst design. It’s perfect for showcasing creative, flavorful ravioli fillings—just a few of these impressive ravioli on a plate tossed with a simple brown butter sauce will make a grand statement at your next dinner party. On the reverse, grooves have been carved for rolling the small pasta shape known as malloreddus or gnocchetti, making this a brilliant two-for-one tool to keep in your kitchen arsenal.

Handcrafted tools like this have been used by Italian nonnas for centuries to make the loving labor of making fresh pasta for the family simpler and more enjoyable. A favorite in northern Italy, ravioli as we know it was first served to the royal courts of Milan and Mantova toward the end of the Middle Ages, usually stuffed with cheese and greens such as spinach or chopped meat. It quickly became a favorite among all the classes as a way to use leftover meat and bits of vegetables that would otherwise not be enough to make a hearty meal. Today, ravioli can be found served in brodo, tossed with a classic pomodoro sauce, or simply coated in butter or olive oil and cheese to let the flavorful filling shine through.

Make Giada’s fresh pasta dough and roll thin. Cut into squares a bit larger than the mold, and press one square gently into the mold. Fill the impression with the filling of your choice, then lay a second square of pasta overtop. Roll over with a rolling pin to seal the pasta together and impress the full sunburst pattern. Use our brass ravioli cutter or a knife to trim the edges, and boil for a few minutes before serving.
Material: Walnut