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It wouldn’t be an Italian Christmas without panettone, and this apricot and almond panettone from Perbellini is guaranteed to make the season extra delicious. Naturally leavened and rich with eggs and just the right amount of sugar, panettone is somewhere between bread and cake—which means it’s totally reasonable to have for breakfast! This time- and labor-intensive version is made by hand at the Perbellini pastry shop in Bovolone, in the northern region of the Veneto.

Many cultures enjoy a rich, eggy bread around Christmastime, often studded with dried fruits and nuts. Packed with expensive ingredients, they have long been considered an accessible bit of luxury for the festive season. While its history can be traced back to the ancient Romans, panettone as we know it originated in Milan in the 15th century. Its iconic dome is now a beloved presence at Christmas festivities around the country. This panettone from Perbellini is laced with sweet-tart apricot jam and topped with an almond-paste icing. It comes in a beautiful gift box, ready to give to someone special—or treat yourself.

In 1891, Giovanni Battista first perfected his recipes for the leavened bread and other baked goods that Perbellini is famous for. Today, his grandchildren are still using those time-honored techniques in their shop in the province of Verona, in the Veneto region. Every step of the baking process is managed by hand. Their panettone dough rises for 24 hours to reach its towering heights, then rests gently after baking to ensure everyone meets their exacting standards.

This panettone is light and fluffy, with streaks of juicy apricot jam and a sweet, crunchy topping studded with slivered almonds. It is traditionally enjoyed by the slice with a glass of sweet dessert wine, but it makes a great breakfast alongside your morning coffee, too! If stored in an airtight container, panettone will last several weeks once opened. **Keep in a warm place for several hours before serving. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to the sun. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
TENDER WHEAT flour type 0, sugar, fresh category A EGGS, BUTTER (MILK), apricots 10%, hand-picked sweet and bitter ALMONDES, natural yeast, salt, emulsifiers (mono-diglycerides of fatty acids), sucrose, fructose, gelling agent: pectin, acidifier: citric acid, flavorings. May contain traces of DRIED AND SUGAR FRUIT, SOY, SESAME SEEDS, ARACHIDS and SENAPE.
Size: 2.1 lbs