Corbara Yellow Tomatoes

I Sapori Di Corbara
Use these super-sweet little tomatoes from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius to add a dose of golden sunshine to pizzas, pastas, and salads.

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Looks aren't everything, but when it comes to these yellow tomatoes from i Sapori di Corbara, they're one part of the stunning package. With an adorably peaked bottom (“il pizzo” in the local dialect) and a candy-sweet flavor, these golden jewels grown near the Amalfi coast are a remarkable addition to any pantry.

Yellow tomatoes are less acidic than their red cousins, and they hold an important place in history: The Italian word for tomato, pomodoro, literally means “golden apple,” and it is believed that the first tomatoes to arrive in Italy from the Americas could have been a golden yellow color. These gems are minimally processed to retain as much of their clean, sweet flavor as possible. As a result, they don't require much cooking and can be pulled out of the jar and used directly on a salad, pizza, or tossed with pasta.

On the slopes of Monti Lattari in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, i Sapori di Corbara produces the most intensely flavorful tomatoes from unique varieties that can’t be grown anywhere else. They work directly with small local farmers to find the best quality tomatoes grown the old-fashioned way, supported by wooden stakes on terraced hillsides, watered only by the rain. As they bask in the dry heat of the southern sun, the sugars in the fruit become super concentrated. The result is intensely flavorful tomatoes which are processed at low temperatures to preserve their freshness and nutritional properties. As their name (“the flavors of Corbara”) indicates, i Sapori di Corbara is dedicated to sharing the natural bounty of their homeland, with a passion for the tomato in all its forms.

Yellow tomatoes have a bright sweetness with minimal acidity. They are often used on pizzas, where they provide a beautiful color contrast with ingredients like green arugula and rosy prosciutto or salame. You can also give them center stage in Giada's golden pomodoro sauce.
Size: 1.1 lbs
Corbara yellow tomatoes, water