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Bramata Bianca Polenta

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Amaretti Cookies in Venice Tin

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Fashionable Lombardy sits at the northern edge of Italy, bordering Switzerland and the majestic Alps. Its capital, Milan, is synonymous with haute couture—it’s home to world-famous brands like Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana—but also with dishes like the luxuriously saffron-tinted risotto Milanese. Its rich history as a center of power throughout the ages gives this region a culinary history like no other.

In the Middle Ages, Lombardy’s position at the base of Europe made it a convenient location for trade, and towns, including Bergamo, Cremona, and, of course, Milan, grew into thriving urban centers with stunning architecture and culture. It was the home of Leonardo da Vinci and later the base for the dynamic art movement known as Futurism. Today, the grand architecture of these towns draws visitors from around the world; the Duomo in Milan, which took six centuries to complete, is a jaw-dropping wonder that is a must-visit.

All that ancient trade meant a flow of unusual ingredients was coming into the region; that’s how saffron, an expensive, highly prized spice from Spain and the Middle East, came to be so popular here that it became the base of risotto Milanese. This and other well-known dishes also have their origins in the fertile plains of the region’s Po Valley. It’s Italy’s rice center, where delicious arborio, carnaroli, and other varieties are grown for risottos and timbales. The braised veal dish osso buco also comes from Lombardy, whose flatlands are perfect grazing grounds for cattle and thus have a rich tradition of hearty meat preparations.

From the pristine, picture-perfect beauty of Lake Como to the bustling center of Milan, Lombardy is an enticing land of contrasts. Until you can plan your trip there, taste the best that the region has to offer with our hand-picked selection of products from artisanal producers around Lombardy.