Pesto From Trapani

Ripe tomatoes, creamy Sicilian almonds, garlic, and fragrant basil come together in this Sicilian take on pesto that makes a delicious pasta topper.

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The classic pesto from Genoa gets a southern twist in this pesto from Trapani, made by the brothers at Kazzen. Trapani is a port city on the western coast of Sicily known for its crescent-shaped coastline—according to myth, it was formed when a sickle fell off the chariot of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest! Historically, Trapani was an important center for fishing and salt production, and its picturesque salt pans, the low-lying marshes where sea water evaporates to form natural salt crystals, are an international tourist destination.

While you may only know pesto as the smooth sauce made from fragrant basil, creamy pine nuts, and parmigiano-reggiano cheese that was invented in Genoa in the 16th century, there is an abundance of regional variations on this versatile condiment. Pesto was introduced to Sicily by sailors from the north of Italy, who would arrive at the port of Trapani after lengthy travels through Eastern Asia. They introduced Sicilians to pesto alla genovese, which the locals then adapted to showcase the local ingredients they had in abundance. This pesto trapanese represents its Sicilian home with ripe tomatoes, creamy Sicilian almonds, plenty of garlic, and fragrant basil.

Run by three brothers from Pantelleria, a rocky island off the southwest coast of Sicily, Kazzen is dedicated to sharing the unique bounty of their home with the rest of Italy and the world. A true labor of love, Kazzen uses traditional methods and recipes to continue the flavorful legacy of their island. Their motto is “specialità dell’isola”—specialties of the island—and their capers, oils, and delicious sauces and spreads will bring a taste of Pantelleria to your home.

Creamy and smooth, with flavors of sweet tomato, bold garlic, and fragrant basil, this pesto is traditionally served with spaghetti. Toss with hot, freshly cooked pasta for a delicious dinner in minutes.
Size: 6.3 oz
Tomato, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, basil, garlic, salt and pepper.