Milan Ceramic Jar with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A scene of Milan adorns this charming ceramic bottle filled with buttery olive oil handmade exclusively for Giadzy.

Size | 16.9 fl oz

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A delicious gift and beautiful keepsake are one and the same with this exclusive ceramic bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Frantoio Gargiulo handmade with the stunning Duomo di Milano. Inside, you’ll find Gargiulo’s signature Syrrenyum olive oil, a light, versatile combination of Coratina, Minnuciola, and Frantoio olives. These three olives, native to the Campania region in the southwest of Italy, are carefully blended to capture the best qualities of each. If you have room for just one olive oil in the kitchen, this is it.

On the rocky coast of Campania, ceramics have been an important industry for hundreds of years. Stroll through any town on the Amalfi coast, and you’ll be struck by the bold lines and bright, Mediterranean colors of ceramic pitches, tiles, and dinnerware in charming shop after shop. This Giadzy-only limited edition olive oil bottle is painted in that bold, colorful style and is sure to brighten up any kitchen. Milan, the fashion capital of the world, is a beloved destination, captured here in all beauty with a scene of its famously extravagant cathedral and the surrounding architecture.

The Gargiulo family has been making olive oil in the steep hills of Sorrento since 1849, when they bought a small stone mill and manual press for the family farm. In the 1970s, they began selling their oils to share the unique flavors of their southern Italian home with the world. Today, the third-generation company is dedicated to preserving family tradition while innovating new ways to make the best extra-virgin olive oil. Olives are harvested by hand and monitored in every step of the process. They are proud to represent the rich flavors of Sorrento with their traditional and flavored oils.

Light and well-balanced, this extra virgin olive oil is suitable for even the most delicate dishes. Its smooth flavor profile lacks the bitter or spicy notes often found in extra virgin olive oils. It shines in salads and over roasted vegetables, fish dishes, and carpaccio.
Size: 16.9 fl oz
Syrrenyum extra virgin olive oil