Organic Balsamic Vinegar Modena I.G.P. 12 Year

Rich, dense, and flavorful, this balsamic from Modena, its traditional home, is organic so you can feel good about eating well.

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From Modena, its spiritual home, this organic balsamic vinegar from Bellei is a rare find: a traditionally made balsamic that’s also certified organic. Aged in barrels for 12 years, this is a rich, dense balsamic that can be used nearly anywhere.

Why is balsamic vinegar from Modena so special? The production of balsamic in this region is strictly regulated by IGP certification—which means no funky additives or other cost-cutting methods are allowed. When you see IGP balsamic from Modena on the label, you’re guaranteed that what you’re getting is pure grape goodness, fermented and aged the way it’s been done for centuries. The process starts with grape must (whole crushed grapes) that are left over from the production of wine. They’re cooked low and slow to make sweet grape juice, which is then transferred to wood barrels with some aged wine vinegar to kick off the fermentation process.

Over time, the vinegar culture transforms this juice into a complex, sweet-and-sour liquid that’s packed with probiotics and beneficial enzymes (to this day, many Italians swear by a spoonful of balsamic every day as a health tonic). It slowly evaporates, reducing to a thick, syrupy consistency, and the wood of the barrels imparts its own natural flavors like vanilla and honey. The older the balsamic, the denser and more flavorful it will be.

The Bellei family has been making balsamic vinegar in Modena since the 19th century, following the highest standards to create the most delicious products possible. As part of their respect for the tradition and health of their home, Bellei’s production facility is completely solar-powered. Balsamic is all they do, and their dedication to the art shows in every bottle.
Rich, dense, and sweetly sour, this aged balsamic is a truly versatile condiment. Use it for salads, of course, like a traditional Caprese with the best tomatoes you can find. It adds a complex depth and sweetness to cocktails and beverages. For a sophisticated dessert, drizzle a little over sliced strawberries or vanilla gelato.
8.4 fl oz
Cooked grape must, wine vinegar (organic). Contains sulfites

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