Organic Peranzana Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bio Orto
Only the very finest oils become Grand Crus, and this elegant nectar is no exception. It’s perfectly balanced—truly the best Puglia has to offer.

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With an elegant balance of flavors, this grand cru Peranzana olive oil from Bio Orto is an exceptional example of organic Italian olive oils. Unlike some extra-virgin olive oils, it’s not aggressively spicy or bitter—instead, those notes are held in harmony with a welcoming, mild fruitiness. This oil is made only using Peranzana olives, a variety that is emblematic of the Pugliese province of Foggia, where it is well- loved both as a table olive and for its oil.

Bio Orto’s monovarietal olive oils are devoted to sharing the unique character of each of the olives they grow. From fresh and fruity to intense and green, these oils capture the essence of Puglia, in its oak forests, steep mountains, and rocky coastline. Their Grand Cru line is made in limited quantities with olives hand-selected from their oldest olive trees, to better honor the link between the land and its fruits.

Launched in 2003 by third-generation farmers from the Passalacqua family, Bio Orto is dedicated to capturing the freshest Italian produce and sharing it with the world. A leader in organic agriculture, they grow their produce in the valleys of Gargano National Park in Puglia, on the southeastern edge of the country. This pristine landscape is the perfect home for a company dedicated to celebrating agricultural diversity while working to be better stewards of the land for future generations. From their olive oils to fruit preserves, tomatoes, sauces, and more, every ingredient is hand-picked and packed in their state-
of-the-art facilities to ensure you get the best of what Italy has to offer.

This well-balanced, mellow olive oil is moderately fruity, with notes of green tomato and herbs. It’s a wonderful match for fish dishes of all kinds, from crudos to shellfish and roasted or grilled whole fish. Try using it with marinated vegetables, or as a topper for salads.
Size: 16.9 oz
100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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