Semola Flour

With a high protein and gluten content, this fine semola flour gives hearty structure and strength to fresh pasta, gnocchi, and rustic cakes.

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For perfect homemade pasta and gnocchi, Moretti’s semola flour as iconic as it gets. Made from hard durum wheat (“grano duro”), semola differs from semolina in that it is ground twice for a finer texture. Grano duro is grown in the steamy south of Italy, primarily in Sicily and Puglia, and thrives in hot, dry conditions.

Compared to 00 flour, which is ground from the soft grano tenero variety of wheat, semola flour is heartier and more nutritious. Because the grains are ground whole, they retain more protein and fiber than more heavily processed flours. Where 00 flour makes silky, smooth dough for tagliatelle and other long pastas, semola is a wonderful choice for easy-to-make short shapes like fusilli or orecchiette. The slightly craggy texture of the dough allows the pasta to absorb more sauce, making every bite extra-flavorful.

The Moretti family has been milling grains since 1922, when Aristide Moretti and his wife Carolina raised the money to rent a mill in Campagnola in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna. He built relationships with local farmers to select only the best corn and wheat, ensuring a top-quality, consistent product every time. The brand’s signature playing-card character is a familiar face in grocery stores around the country. Today, a fourth generation of Morettis is dedicated to continuing the family tradition. Carefully selected varieties of grain are air-dried in open barns, then carefully stone-ground and vacuum-packed to retain its natural freshness and flavor.
Semola flour has a rustic, rich flavor similar to cornmeal, with a texture that’s coarser than other flours. It’s ideal for pastas, breads, and doughs where a sturdy crumb is desirable. It shines in a classic semolina cake, and can be added alongside all-purpose flour to tart doughs, particularly savory tarts, for well-rounded flavor and a toothsome bite. Semola is also a key ingredient in gnocchi all Romana.
1.1 lbs
Durum wheat semolina flour

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