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Bramata Bianca Polenta

White corn from Padua is coarsely ground for this traditional polenta that’s a beloved staple in northern Italy.

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Polenta bianca from Moretti is a favorite in the Veneto region of Italy, including Venice, Treviso, and Padua, where a less common white variety of corn is grown. This polenta is ground in the classic Bramata style, which is slightly coarser, for a toothsome texture that connoisseurs crave.

In Ancient Roman times, polenta was made with farro and was called puls. When corn made its way from the Americas to Italy in the 16th century, local farmers in the Veneto quickly recognized its potential to make the traditional creamy porridge even better.

The Moretti family has been milling grains since 1922, when Aristide Moretti and his wife Carolina raised the money to rent a mill in Campagnola in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna. He built relationships with local farmers to select only the best corn for his polenta, ensuring a top-quality, consistent product every time. The brand’s signature playing-card character is a familiar face in grocery stores around the country. Today, a fourth generation of Morettis is dedicated to continuing the family tradition. Carefully selected varieties of corn are air-dried in open barns. The kernels are carefully stone-ground and vacuum-packed to retain the cornmeal's natural freshness and flavor.
Because it has a more delicate flavor than yellow polenta, white polenta is traditionally served with fish dishes, ensuring it doesn’t overpower the rest of the meal. To cook, bring water, broth, or milk to a simmer and stir in the polenta. Cooking polenta doesn’t need to be stirred continuously, as some legends would have you believe, but it does require a good turn with a wooden spoon occasionally to ensure it cooks evenly and without lumps. For a beautifully creamy dish, stir in cheese and butter as soon as it’s done, then serve immediately. Polenta will solidify as it cools, and can be formed into logs or bricks to be grilled or sauteed later.
1.1 lbs