Moor's Head Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frantoio Romano Vincenzo
A spicy Sicilian oil made from native olives is contained in this stunning bottle modeled after the island’s iconic “moor’s head” sculptures.

Size | 16.9 fl oz

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Pure Sicily in a bottle is captured in this incredibly special Testa di Moro olive oil from Frantoio Romano Vincenzo. A striking two-faced “moor’s head” vessel in a matte black glass-painted bottle is filled with Romano Vincenzo’s signature Le Sciare oil, a blend of native Sicilian olives including nocellara dell'Etna, tonda iblea, and biancolilla. Grown on the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna, the olives are hand-picked and processed within 8 hours of harvest to capture their essence at its freshest. Filtered - a process important to guarantee the quality of the olive oil - the oil has a cloudy appearance thanks to the high levels of polyphenols that make it taste incredible (and make it incredibly good for you!). It’s spicy and green, with a fruitiness that keeps it balanced.

You probably saw this statue before if you're a fan of The White Lotus series. The “moor’s head” (or Testa di Moro in Italian) is a symbol found across Sicily, usually seen in ceramic planters and vases on balconies and terraces. Its origin is a folk tale from the time of the Arab occupation of Sicily more than a thousand years ago. The two faces represent a pair of doomed lovers—one from North Africa, one a native Sicilian, who fall in love on the island. There are several versions of the story, but in all of them, their different backgrounds are the cause of serious strife, and the pair end up losing their heads. To this day, the symbol is considered a sign of good fortune for plants and gardens.

In 1959, Vincenzo Romano founded Frantoio Romano Vincenzo in the town of Bronte, on the side of Mount Etna in the northeast corner of Sicily. His goal: to make and share only the best Sicilian olive oil. Now run by third-generation olive oil experts, the company is dedicated to the unique culture and flavors of its home in the southern Mediterranean.

This intense oil is spicy and moderately bitter, with a fruity aroma that has notes of freshly cut grass and a ripe tomato aftertaste. Use it to season beans, hearty salads, and other rustic flavors, or drizzle over roast meats to add complexity.
Size: 16.9 fl oz
A blend of native Sicilian olives including nocellara dell'Etna, tonda iblea, and biancolilla. Selection of Nocellara dell’ Etna variety olives harvested in volcanic soils of Etna and at an altitude of at least 900 meters above sea level. in October each year.