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The aperitivo is more than just a pre-meal cocktail—it’s a time-honored ritual, an iconic Italian tradition. As any Italian will tell you, no aperitivo is complete without tasty bites to nibble on alongside it. You bring the cheese and a bottle of wine—with this kit, we’ve got the snacks covered. Mix and match your favorite cheeses with sweet fig jam, deeply flavorful sun-dried tomatoes, Roman artichoke cream, authentic truffle spread, and the juiciest olives from Puglia. This is aperitivo hour done right, packed in a beautiful gift box for the cocktail hour connoisseur in your life.

This kit contains:

Cerignola Green Olives: Olive lovers, rejoice! These Bella di Cerignola olives from Fratepietro are the largest in the world—and we happen to think they’re the tastiest, too. The oversized gems have a notably buttery, nutty flavor that is beloved by olive connoisseurs and skeptics alike.

Mini Rubata Breadsticks: With a compact shape and crunchy-crisp texture, these mini breadsticks from Mario Fongo are a wonderful addition to any charcuterie platter. Made with all Italian ingredients from a centuries-old recipe, they’re the pride of the Piedmont region.

Artichoke Cream: This decadently simple spread blends tender Roman artichokes with olive oil and a touch of vinegar for brightness. Spread a dollop on warm bruschetta and top with a shaving of parmesan cheese for a delicious cocktail snack.

Black Truffle Spread: The prized summer truffles that grow in the rolling hills of the Piedmont region have a delicately earthy, buttery flavor with notes of hazelnut and almond. This sauce ups their natural umami level by adding mushrooms, garlic, and herbs for a deliciously savory—and versatile—sauce.

Eggplant Caponata: There’s no traditional Sicilian dish more beloved than eggplant caponata, and this version from Viragi is an instant classic. Similar to ratatouille, it’s comprised mainly of cooked-down summer veggies to become a luxuriously silky condiment, but caponata adds big, punchy flavors like vinegar and capers for a bright, flavorful dish that can be used as a spread, a side, a dip and more.

Fig Preserves: With a honeyed sweetness and a flavor like caramelized berries, these fig preserves are made from the highly prized white figs grown in Cilento, on the southern edge of the Amalfi Coast. They capture more of the fruit’s delicately honeyed, unmistakable flavor than any other we’ve ever tried.