Pan d’aria Tradizione Puffed Crackers

Mario Fongo
Light, crunchy puffed crackers that are perfect for snacking from a storied family bakery outside of Turin.

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Light and crunchy, this pan d’aria (“air bread”) from Mario Fongo is a cloud of delicious flavor. A new innovation from the family-run bakery that specializes in traditional breads and crackers from their native Piedmont region, these oval crackers are hollow with a thin, crispy shell. How they create that signature puff is a closely guarded secret; all we know is that they’re utterly irresistible. These pan d’aria make a mesmerizing snack any time of day and an impressive accompaniment to your next aperitivo hour.

Since 1945, the Fongo family have been “il panatè” (the village baker) in the small town of Rocchetta Tanaro, just southeast of Turin. Mario Fongo has perfected the simple recipes that are the pride of the region, becoming one of the first artisan bakers to package and sell typical Piedmontese specialties like lingue and rubata around the country and beyond. Their success starts with the best ingredients, all Italian-made: pure wheat and rice flours perfectly calibrated for each recipe, organic unfiltered extra-virgin olive oil, and no additives, colorings, or preservatives.

The family-run Mario Fongo builds trusted partnerships with local producers to ensure a consistent high quality in every element of their breads and crackers. They combine up-to-date production methods with old-fashioned attention to detail for a personal touch in every bag—just like you’re visiting your own local baker.
With a delicate flavor of fine wheat flour and extra-virgin olive oil, these airy crackers are crisp and shattering, with a thin shell and hollow center. They make a wonderful accompaniment to a cheese or charcuterie board, and are a simply satisfying aperitivo snack to have on hand. Pair these with a light dip like a smoky eggplant baba ganoush or white bean puree—nothing too dense, or the cracker may collapse!
4.6 oz
'00' type flour, extra virgin olive oil