Amarena Cherries

Sweet, flavorful, and delightfully dense, these are, hands down, the best jarred cherries in the world.

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If you think all jarred cherries are the same, you're in for a delicious surprise from these amarena Fabbri cherries. It starts with the amarena cherry itself—a small, sour variety that grows in Bologna and Modena. They’re candied in a rich syrup that’s fortified with the cherries’ juice, infusing each ruby-colored gem with a veritable explosion of concentrated sweet-tart flavor. The cooking process also gives the cherries a dense, chewy texture that's unmistakably elegant. Fabbri cherries are insisted upon by top bartenders for their cocktails—you’ll never want a Manhattan garnished with anything else again—and Italian ex-pats the world over (Giada included!) must have a jar in the house at all times.

The top-secret recipe for these sweet little cherries hasn’t changed in over 100 years, perfected by Gennaro Fabbri’s wife Rachele in 1915. What began as a distillery making cherry brandy in Ferrara, in the northern Emilia-Romagna region, quickly became best-known for its irresistible candied cherries. That iconic blue-and-white ceramic jar, first designed in the 1930s, certainly helped! Today, fifth-generation members of the Fabbri family are carrying on the legacy of Gennaro and Rachele with their internationally reknowned cherries.

Bonus: The sizable signature jar makes a beautiful keepsake once the cherries are gone! Giada uses hers to hold fresh flowers—its timeless design fits into any room in the house.
These amarena cherries are lusciously sweet and mildly tart, with a deep cherry flavor and dense, chewy texture. There’s nothing better than a scoop of these cherries and their syrup over top of vanilla gelato. Try stirring just a spoonful of the syrup into a glass of prosecco for an Italian take on a classic Kir cocktail, or combine with a bitter aperitivo liqueur and bubbles for a delightful spritz. Use the cherries to garnish Manhattans and other cocktails. The cherries are also a great addition to baked goods, like a dark chocolate cake.
Size: 21 oz
Sugar, wild cherries, glucose syrup, water, wild cherry juice, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, grape color extract