Italian Alpine Wildflower Honey

The delicate wildflowers that bloom in the Piedmont Alps are the source of this purely delightful and artisinal honey.

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Agrimontana’s artisanal alpine wildflower honey is naturally pure, fed by the delicate blossoms that grow in the Piedmont Alps. Flowers like yarrow and wild thyme grow in abundance on those pristine slopes, tempting bees with their intoxicating perfume. Once the bees have done their work, the honey is spun to extract it from the comb and bottled all at temperatures below 45°, a traditional method that preserves the honey’s natural antioxidants and enzymes. This process makes the honey a unique nutritional powerhouse, with potent anti-inflammatory properties. Luckily for us, it’s as delicious as it is good for you!

In the northwest of Italy, Piedmont shares a border with France and Switzerland. It’s a region that is reknowned for its agricultural bounty, home to decadent specialties including white truffles, barolo, and arborio rice. Azienda Agrimontana’s history in Piedmont began 50 years ago, when Cesare Bardini began selling jams, candied fruit, and chestnuts in 1972. Bardini had one mission: to share the natural riches of his home across Italy.

To this day, Agrimontana is dedicated to creating deliciously clean products using traditional methods, without added colors, preservatives, or flavorings. They focus on sustainable agriculture that preserves the beauty of their home while encouraging biodiversity.

This pure, natural honey is not processed or heat-treated to protect its gentle flavor and healthy enzymes. As a result, it arrives crystallized thanks to its higher concentration of natural glucose sugars. If you prefer a more liquid honey, simply heat gently before using.

Agrimontana’s wildflower honey has a persistent, delicately floral flavor unlike any other that lingers on the palate. Its flavor will fit in anywhere honey is called for, though we recommend avoiding cooked recipes to preserve its special raw qualities. Use it to sweeten tea, lemonade, or cocktails, serve over yogurt or scones for breakfast, or just enjoy it by the spoonful. For an effortlessly elegant crostini to serve at your next cocktail party, top toasted baguette slices with ricotta, a drizzle of this honey, and a sprinkle of coarse salt. It’s a sweet-salty bite that pairs perfectly with a chilled rosé.
14.1 oz