Bluefin Tuna Filets in Olive Oil

Enjoy the most delicious tuna and feel great about it with this sustainably fished bluefin tuna from the Mediterranean.

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Enjoy the most delicious tuna and feel great about its sustainability with these tuna filets from Armatore. Unlike your everyday canned tuna, this wild-caught bluefin is tender and meaty, with a depth of flavor that elevates even the simplest meal. It’s caught off the Amalfi coast in the Mediterranean by fourth-generation fishers dedicated to protecting the delicate marine ecosystem by following the strictest sustainability protocols.

Rich in protein and brain-boosting Omega-3s, bluefin tuna is often called the king of all fish. Because bluefin, which can reach mammoth sizes (up to 1,500 lbs!), takes a long time to mature, they were on the verge of disappearing from their home in the Mediterranean before an international effort to rebuild their stocks brought them back. Armatore’s bluefin tuna is only fished for a month in early summer to avoid overfishing, in compliance with the strictest guidelines to preserve their place in the ecological community. It goes from sea to jar in just a few hours and is packed in pure Italian olive oil to preserve its flavor. Available in limited quantities, this is truly the best-jarred tuna you’ll ever have.

Founded in 1973 by fourth-generation fishers, Armatore maintains the old-school traditions of their coastal hometown of Cetara. A center of anchovy production and fishing since the Middle Ages, Cetara is home to an annual anchovy-fishing festival known as Notte Delle Lampare (Night of the Lanterns). While they remain committed to preserving the rich history of their home, Armatore are stewards of the sea, practicing 21st-century sustainability to ensure the health and longevity of the waters they love.

Tender and delicious, these tuna filets are best enjoyed simply to let their unmistakably meaty flavor shine. Toss with pasta in a quick sauce made with sweet pomodorini tomatoes, or even more simply with sauteed garlic and capers or olives. Add to salads like a classic Nicoise or Giada’s tuna and white bean salad with bitter greens.
Size: 8.1 oz