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Spezia d'Italia Box


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For everyone who loves to cook, this gift box is loaded with Italian spices and herbs to easily take any dish to the next level, from spice kits made with dried herbs and seasoning straight from the south of Italy to one of our favorites - the Calabrian chili paste -  that you can add to just about any recipe to give it a fruity heat (this might become dad's new favorite thing ever).

This box contains:

Sea Salt Seasoning with Oregano & Chile Peppers: This sea salt with oregano and chiles from Kazzen is a taste of the island of Pantelleria, a rocky outpost off the southwest coast of Sicily near Tunisia. With dramatic volcanic craters and hot springs, the island’s landscape is forbidding to all but the most sun-loving plants—luckily, this includes oregano and chile peppers! Combining the unique nutrients in Pantelleria’s volcanic soil and that intense southern heat gives these ingredients a potency and complexity of flavor you won’t find anywhere else. They’re dried and combined with crunchy sea salt that’s harvested from the southern Mediterranean waters around the island to create this fragrant finishing seasoning that will bring depth to any dish.

Dried Rosemary: No herb is more quintessentially Mediterranean than rosemary, and there’s no dried rosemary more intensely aromatic than this version from Filippone. The woody plant thrives in sunny, dry climates, and it grows wild across much of southern Italy, where its unmistakable scent perfumes the coastal breezes. This rosemary is grown on a small family farm in Sicily and dried right on the branch, so there's no doubt about what you're getting.

Calabrian Chili Paste: The quintessential Italian pepper, Calabrian chiles are beloved around the country for the lively, flavorful heat they bring to any dish. This paste of fresh chiles crushed and preserved in olive oil is a must-have for any spice lover’s pantry.

Dried Hot Long Chili Peppers: With a mellow, fruity heat that lingers on the palate but won't overwhelm, there's just no substitute for these dried chiles. They’re similar in Scoville level to cayenne but with a depth of flavor unlike any other.

Linguine alla Puttanesca Spice Kit: Put together by the spice experts at Tutto Calabria, this all-in-one spice packet has dried garlic, capers, tomatoes, olives, onions, and basil. Add tomatoes and simmer, and you’ve got this Neapolitan favorite in as much time as it takes to boil the pasta.

Rigatoni Alla Silana Spice Kit: For all the umami-lovers out there, this rigatoni alla silana spice blend from Tutto Calabria is for you. With earthy dried mushrooms, eggplant, onions, garlic, and parsley, it will transport you straight to Calabria's historic mountain region of La Sila. You'd be hard-pressed to find a menu not offering pasta "alla silana" there—it’s a time-honored favorite. With this convenient blend of traditional flavorings, all you need to add is a packet of pasta and a can of tomatoes for a flavorful meal in minutes.

L'Oro in Cucina Truffle Oil: We can’t think of a more appropriate name for this truffle-infused olive oil from Tartuflanghe—it truly is culinary gold. It begins with a fruity, well-balanced extra-virgin olive oil hand-selected for its flavor profile, with notes of green vegetables and almonds, which complements the truffle flavor without stealing the show. The oil is infused with real slices of freeze-dried black winter truffle from the forests outside Alba, the truffle capital of Italy. With a powerful umami essence, this brilliant finishing oil adds a touch of luxury to dishes of all kinds.
Use the sea salt blend with oregano and chile peppers to finish dishes such as pasta and pizzas, or sprinkle over roasted meats; Finish any dish with a drizzle of organic extra virgin olive oil with white truffles to make any recipe feel like a gourmet dish.
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