Passata Di Pomodorini Di Corbara

I Sapori Di Corbara
Fresh cherry tomatoes are peeled and strained to make this silky-smooth passata, an elegant alternative to the usual cooked tomato puree.

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Meet your new kitchen sidekick: passata di pomodorini from i Sapori di Corbara. Pomodorini (“little tomatoes”) are bite-sized, bell-shaped cherry tomatoes grown only near the Amalfi Coast. Even more highly prized than the famous San Marzano, they have a distinctive sweet-tart profile that can’t be beat. These tomatoes are peeled and strained to make this uncooked puree, then packed in glass jars so no tinny aftertaste can ruin their fresh, vibrant flavor.

When you’re desperate for the sweet, summery flavor of a ripe tomato but they’re just not in season, reach for this passata. Its highly prized silky-smooth, luscious texture is an uncanny match for grated raw tomato. It’s more elegant than your typical canned tomato puree, and will perk up even the darkest days of winter.

On the slopes of Monti Lattari in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, i Sapori di Corbara produces the most intensely flavorful tomatoes from unique varieties that can’t be grown anywhere else. The plants are cultivated in the old-fashioned way, supported by wooden stakes on terraced hillsides, watered only by the rain. As they bask in the dry heat of the southern sun, the sugars in the fruit become super concentrated. The result is intensely flavorful tomatoes which are processed at low temperatures to preserve their freshness and nutritional properties. As their name (“the flavors of Corbara”) indicates, i Sapori di Corbara is dedicated to sharing the natural bounty of their homeland, with a passion for the tomato in all its forms.
When you want all that fresh, sweet pomodorini flavor without pieces of tomato, turn to this passata. Use it directly out of the jar for a deliciously simple pizza sauce, or as the foundation of any quick-cooking pasta sauce. Giada loves it in one of her mom’s signature comfort food dishes, pomodori al riso.