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Taralli Cacio e Pepe

These addictively snackable ring-shaped crackers are savory and substantial, with the sharp pecorino romano and cracked pepper flavor of their namesake pasta dish.

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Two beloved Italian traditions come together in these cacio e pepe taralli from Mitica. These addictively snackable ring-shaped crackers are savory and substantial, with the sharp cheese and cracked pepper flavor of the decadent pasta dish. They’re made with ultra-fine type 00 Italian flour and genuine pecorino romano cheese, cave-aged in the traditional method in the village of Nepi, outside Rome. These cacio e pepe taralli make a delicious aperitivo snack all on their own—all you need to add is a glass of white wine!

A centuries-old favorite, there are competing legends about taralli’s origin story. They all seem to agree that the little rings were created out of necessity, either by local bakers trying to use up leftover bits of dough or poor townspeople making the most of a few basic ingredients. The name is similarly shrouded in mystery; it might come from ancient Latin, French, or Greek words that either refer to its round shape or method of baking. What we do know is that these small crackers became a beloved staple in southern regions from Naples to Puglia, and used to be seasoned with a quick dunk in salt water from the Mediterranean before being eaten.

On the southern heel of Italy's boot, Puglia is known for its beautiful whitewashed towns, white sand beaches, and rich agricultural history. The hot southern sun is a boon for Puglia’s most popular crops: figs, tomatoes, and olives. They’re all intensely delicious, with a concentrated flavor profile that can only come from long hours under the Mediterranean sun.


These taralli have a substantial, crisp texture and savory flavor of salty pecorino romano cheese with a little black pepper bite. Enjoy them on their own with a glass of wine, or set them out as part of a satisfying charcuterie board.
Size: 8.81 oz
Wheat flour type "0", white wine, genuine fulvi Pecorino Romano 7% (Past. Sheep's Milk, Rennet, Salt), extra virgin olive oil 6%, black pepper 1.5%, salt. May contain traces of sesame seed.

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