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Italian Colomba Brunch


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Buongiorno, foodies! Are you ready to experience an authentic Italian Easter brunch right in the comfort of your own home? We've got everything you need to make that happen! Our Columba Easter brunch kit includes all the delectable items, and all you'll need is a steaming cup of espresso that will transport you straight to the heart of Italia. Indulge in the sweet and buttery flavors of Columba cake, paired perfectly with our hand-picked Cocoa and Hazelnut spread, and Wild Blueberry jam.

This kit contains:

Buona Pasqua insert

Hazelnut Colomba Italian Easter Cake: Ring in the spring with colomba di Pasqua, an Italian Easter tradition masterfully served up by Sicilian bakers Fiasconaro. Similar to the Christmas favorite panettone, colomba is a sweet bread that’s usually made with dried fruit, nuts, or chocolate. It’s perfect for breakfast, snacking, or dessert, with a rich, moist crumb that stays fresh for weeks (if you can resist it that long!). This classic colomba is studded with sweet raisins and topped with crunchy pearl sugar and Sicilian hazelnuts.

Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread: Move over, Nutella—this decadent chocolate-hazelnut spread from Pariani is made with exquisite nocciola Piemonte, from the mountainous northern Piedmont region of Italy. Piedmontese hazelnuts are so precious that they are IGP-certified (the official Italian designation for products that are best in a specific region), their orchards are a UNESCO heritage site! More flavorful than your average hazelnut, nocciola Piemonte has a rich, complex flavor that stands up to the dark cocoa in this creamy spread. You’ll find a million, and one uses for this spread, or just eat it with a spoon—we'll never tell.

Wild Blueberry Jam: The fruit that is used to make Agrimontana’s wild blueberry jam is worlds away from the blueberries we are used to seeing in the grocery store. Smaller and more intensely flavored, the wild fruit that grows in the rolling hills of the Piedmont region packs a big punch in a tiny package. Not only are these blueberries delicious, they’re also higher in antioxidants and vitamins A and C than cultivated varieties. Talk about a super fruit!

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