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Gluten Free Festa Della Pizza Kit


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The perfect Neapolitan-style pizza is now within reach, no matter how far you are from Naples - even if you are gluten intolerant! This kit includes everything needed to make a show-stopping thin-crust gluten-free pizza at home, from flour to yeast! Top it off with olive oil, an amazing organic passata, Giada’s favorite spicy Calabrian chile paste for a dash of heat, and fragrant Sicilian oregano picked right off the stem. This kit is beautifully wrapped, making it the perfect gift for the pizza lover in your life.

This kit contains:

Gluten-Free Flour: The best gluten-free baked goods you’ve ever had are in your future, thanks to this gluten-free flour from Mulino Caputo. For nearly 100 years, Mulino Caputo has been a trusted flour source for Neapolitan pizza makers and bakers across Italy. They’ve worked closely with pizza chefs and pastry pros to formulate the perfect flour for every occasion, as well as high-performance all-purpose blends like this one. This naturally gluten-free flour will become your everyday companion as you make picture-perfect bread, pizzas, cookies, and more.

Active Dry Yeast: For never-fail rises every time you bake, this dry yeast from Mulino Caputo is the answer. For nearly 100 years, Mulino Caputo has been a trusted flour source for Neapolitan pizza makers and bakers across Italy. The secret is their yeast, which is specially formulated to perform well under any conditions. For short rises or long, this dry yeast consistently delivers results. It’s gluten-free and made using only natural ingredients, making it easier on the stomach than chemically derived yeast.

Organic Tomato Passata: When you’re desperate for the sweet, summery flavor of a ripe tomato but they’re just not in season, reach for this passata. Its highly prized, silky-smooth, luscious texture is an uncanny match for grated raw tomato. It’s more elegant than your typical canned tomato puree and will perk up even the darkest days of winter.

Sea Salt Seasoning with Oregano & Chile Peppers: This sea salt with oregano and chiles from Kazzen is a taste of the island of Pantelleria, a rocky outpost off the southwest coast of Sicily near Tunisia. With dramatic volcanic craters and hot springs, the island’s landscape is forbidding to all but the most sun-loving plants—luckily, this includes oregano and chile peppers! The combination of the unique nutrients found in Pantelleria’s volcanic soil and that intense southern heat gives these ingredients a potency and complexity of flavor you won’t find anywhere else. They’re dried and combined with crunchy sea salt that’s harvested from the southern Mediterranean waters around the island to create this fragrant finishing seasoning that will bring depth to any dish.

Calabrian Chile Paste: The quintessential Italian pepper, Calabrian chiles are beloved around the country for the lively, flavorful heat they bring to any dish. This paste of fresh chiles crushed and preserved in olive oil is a must-have for any spice lover’s pantry.

Organic Ogliarola Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Graceful and golden, this organic Ogliarola olive oil from Bio Orto is a love letter to Gargano, a highland sub-region of Puglia where it is made. Mild and fruity, with a velvety softness and just a touch of spicy and bitter notes held in perfect harmony, it’s a mellow stunner that will make a welcome addition to your kitchen arsenal. This oil is made only using Ogliarola olives, a variety is also known as Paesana, which is a Pugliese favorite. It is a bit of a chameleon and expresses the terroir of each region where it is grown, developing vastly different flavors depending on its surroundings.

Gluten Free All Purpose Flour: Gluten Free Wheat Starch, Dextrose, Corn Starch, Buckwheat Flour, Rice Starch, Vegetable Fibers, Guar, Flavorings

Organic Tomato Passata: Tomatoes* (99%), salt. *Organic

Sea Salt Seasoning with Oregano & Chile Peppers: salt, oregano, chile peppers

Calabrian Chile Paste: Calabrian hot chili peppers, sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, salt, white wine vinegar, basil

Organic Ogliarola Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Gluten Free Pizza Dough recipe serves 4

Pizza and Focaccia Flour: 2.2 lbs

Dry Yeast: 3.5 oz

Organic Tomato Passata: 18.34 oz

Sea Salt Seasoning with Oregano & Chile Peppers: 6.3 oz

Calabrian Chile Paste: 10 oz

Organic Ogliarola Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 8.4 oz