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Citrus of Amalfi Box


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The Amalfi Coast is known for many things: picturesque seaside views, smatterings of colorful houses stacked up high, and our favorite: the citrus. The region is almost synonymous with giant, fragrant lemons, and the oranges are just as full of flavor.

This box captures the brightness of Amalfi Coast citrus alongside even more regional favorites: an aromatic lemon infused olive oil, soft lemon and pistachio amaretti cookies, vibrant orange marmalade, calamarata pasta (named after calamari, in reference to the similar shape!), and a stunning coffee table book to peruse while you enjoy it all.

This box contains:

Calamarata Pasta: The short, wide rings are indeed inspired by the rings of squid called calamari. This comically deceptive pasta measures about the same width as Paccheri but half the length—in fact, it can sometimes be found under the (much less fun) name Mezzi Paccheri. Maybe because of its delightfully misleading shape, Calamarata is beloved across the south of Italy, from Campania to Sicily. Fun fact: This is Aunt Raffy’s favorite pasta shape.

Amalfi Coast Book: Take a visual tour of the sun-soaked Amalfi Coast with this beautifully curated book that will transport you to the southern Italian destination with every stunning page. Packed with gorgeous photos of the cliffside towns, rolling countryside, and clear blue waters of this iconic coastal region, this oversized coffee table book is guaranteed to inspire.

Bitter Orange Marmalade: Add a taste of the southern Italian countryside to your pantry with this bitter orange marmalade from Agrimontana. Often known as Seville oranges, as they originated in Spain, bitter oranges have been cultivated in Italy since the 12th century. They thrive in the hot, dry climates to the south; the oranges to make this jam were grown exclusively in Sicily and Calabria. True to their name, these citrus fruits are very low in natural sugars and must be cooked to be enjoyed. But what they lack in sweetness, they make up for in fragrance, and their skins are rich in the aromatic oils that make oranges smell like, well, oranges.

Lemon and Pistachio Amaretti Cookies in Amalfi Tin: This humble cookie made from just a few simple ingredients is a mainstay of Italian culture, as are the iconic tins in which they have been sold for over a century. This keepsake tin of lemon and pistachio-flavored soft amaretti features a painted scene of the Amalfi coast.

Sorrento's Lemon Oil IGP: Just opening a bottle of this fragrant lemon olive oil from Gargiulo will immediately transport you to the sun-drenched citrus groves of the Amalfi coast. Made with IGP-certified Sorrento lemons and local olives, this oil is bright and aromatic. Sorrento lemons are so fragrant, they're the signature of the Amalfi coast, where they've grown for more than 1,000 years. In fact, it was these lemons that inspired Giada's famous lemon spaghetti! With less bitter pith than the lemons you know, and a thick peel that's packed with fragrant oil, they're so sweet that true lemon-lovers eat them whole, just like oranges. Now, that unforgettable lemon essence is captured in a finishing oil that’s perfect for drizzling over anything that needs a touch of Italian sunshine.

Size: 5 items