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Buona Pasqua from Afar Box


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Hop into the joy of Easter and send some sweet love to your loved ones from afar! This box is the perfect way to spread the Easter cheer and satisfy those sweet tooth cravings. Inside you'll find not one but two of our favorite Easter chocolates that are guaranteed to make anyone's day.

This kit includes:

Buona Pasqua insert

Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Easter Egg: Crack open a showstopping surprise this Easter with this hazelnut and dark chocolate Easter egg. This hollow chocolate egg is made with luscious extra-dark chocolate and exquisite local hazelnuts displayed like a precious gem inside a stunning transparent box. Each egg also contains a surprise trinket to delight the kids, such as a keychain, toy jewelry, or colored pencils. The only way to find out what you got? Give the egg a hard tap, then open it up and enjoy the delicious shell.

Mini Assorted Chocolate Eggs in Tin: Give your Easter celebration some Italian flair with this gorgeous tin of mini chocolate assorted eggs. Inside the pocket-sized box are colorfully wrapped chocolate eggs in the finest dark and milk chocolate. It’s the perfect holiday treat for kids and grownups alike, complete with a stylish case to hold your treasures once the chocolates are done.

Size: 2 items