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Breakfast in Piedmont Box


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On the border of France and Switzerland, sitting at the foot of the Alps, Piedmont it's known for its sophisticated cuisine. With this box, you'll be transported to the beautiful mountains of Italy while experiencing the best products that Piedmont has to offer! 

This Box Contains:

Mini Jam Sampler: Look no further than this mini jam sampler for the most luscious fruit flavors from the Italian countryside. Picked at the height of ripeness, all of the fruits used to make these jams in the northern Piedmont region are the pure essence of Italian sunshine. This set includes 1.5-ounce jars of Cherry Extra Jam, Bitter orange marmalade, Peach extra jam, and Strawberry extra jam.

Amaretti Tin: Amaretti cookies are the pride of Saronno, a city just north of Milan in Lombardy, and there's no amaretti more beloved than these from Chiostro di Saronno. This humble cookie made from just a few simple ingredients is a mainstay of Italian culture, as are the iconic tins in which they have been sold for over a century. This keepsake tin features a painted scene of the canals of Venice, the perfect gift for the sweets-lover in your life.

Mini Rubata Sticks: Oh, the beauty of Italian tradition, where food as seemingly simple as these mini rubata breadsticks from Mario Fongo has centuries of history behind it. These perfectly crunchy, deliciously simple little rods are an excellent aperitivo snack. And, of course, they're made with high-quality Italian ingredients by a small family-owned bakery. But they also have a fairytale-like backstory that inspires devotion, dedication, and love.

Coffee Hazelnut Honey: This coffee hazelnut honey spread from Le Querce is a uniquely sweet taste of the Piedmont region. Acacia honey is blended with dark Italian coffee and nocciola piemonte, the hazelnuts that grow in the mountainous northern region of Italy. These nuts are so precious that not only are they IGP-certified (the official Italian designation for products that are best in a specific region), their orchards are actually a UNESCO heritage site. They add a rich, creamy backbone to this flavorful spread that can be used in desserts, baking, or enjoyed as a decadent snack.

Dark Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans Bag: Made with exquisite care by a second-generation master chocolatier, these bite-size chocolate-covered coffee bean bags bring the best of the chocolate and coffee worlds. Using Precious Coffee, part of the Leonardo Lelli Selezione is harvested in India and then roasted at low temperature with a unique method that enhances the Hazelnut notes typical of this variety of coffee. These beans are coated with Dark Chocolate 75%, which adds the final touch.

Size: 6 items