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Calling all Buffalo Mozzarella Lovers - This Rome Restaurant Is A Must

Love buffalo mozzarella? This Roman eatery needs a spot on your bucket list!

On a corner in the bustling neighborhood of Trastevere in Rome, there sits a restaurant by the name of "Buff". On first glance, the trendy and contemporary space is embellished by charming illustrations all over the walls, with an appearance that LA-natives (such as us!) find familiar and comforting. Though welcoming, this spot seems unassuming, and you might not guess that it has some of the best mozzarella Rome has to offer... but hint: it does. 
A little backstory on to why and how the cheese is so impeccable - every product at this restaurant, from the artichokes to the cheese and everything in between, comes from the owner's farm in Calabria. Buff is a farm-to-table restaurant in every sense of the phrase. All the cheese comes from their Mediterranean buffalo (hence the name - Buff!) and the freshness is evident in every bite. 

Every preparation of fresh buffalo cheese on this menu is wonderful, but the absolute star? The Fritto Buff. It's a mixed fritto dish consisting of several tempura-fried vegetables, along with two balls of fried mozzarella di bufala. The cheese remains slightly cold on the inside, so it keeps its texture for the most part, but is transformed into something impossibly pillowy and delicious. We went back 2 more times in the week we visited Rome, and eventually started bypassing the Fritto Buff and just asked for individual balls of fried mozzarella instead. They happily complied. But don't think that the cheese is the only great thing on the menu! We loved their Amatriciana and Risotto as main dishes. 

To that point, the service was as lovely as the food was delicious. Buff quickly became a comforting spot we returned to again and again, not just for the cheese, but for the friendly, funny people who ran the place.

@rmwiles95 and @negafullo on Instagram
Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 141
Rome, Italy (Trastevere)
+39 06 581 9667
Open daily from 7 am – 2 am


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