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Your Fall Braising Just Got a Lot Easier

27 August 2018
by Giadzy

Your Fall Braising Just Got a Lot Easier

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Let Giada be your prep cook with these brilliant new shortcut sauces, now at Williams Sonoma.

Braising is one of the great joys of cooking, letting humble ingredients and tough cuts of meat hang out in the oven (or slow cooker!) for hours, slowly breaking down into a gorgeous meal that tastes so much richer than the sum of its parts. But before you get to the braise, you've got to build the flavor! That extra step of sweating onions, garlic and carrots, reducing red wine, getting fresh herbs, finding that last rind of Parmiggiano you've got stashed in the freezer... it can be enough work to make you think twice about starting a braise for an everyday dinner.
For those times when you just need to set it and forget it, I've created a pair of braising starter sauces for Williams Sonoma that do all that flavor-boosting prep work for you. Just brown your meat, pour the sauce into your braiser or slow cooker, and let it go! The result is an intensely rich, delicious dinner in less time than it takes to make a sandwich. 

To develop the sauces, I chose my two favorite go-to braises and got to work testing ingredients and balancing flavors for a truly foolproof final product. Pork ragu with rosemary is a lighter, white-wine based tomato sauce with aromatic herbs and just a touch of crushed red chile for a kick. Toss the succulent shredded meat with pasta, or pile it on a roll for a truly outrageous sandwich. And red wine-braised short ribs with parmesan and fennel are a true showstopper, perfect over polenta for a cool-weather feast.
Happy braising!


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