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The Game-Changing $14 Kitchen Organizer You Need

Give your kitchen the organizational remodel it deserves - starting with this spice tray!
It's still newly 2019, Kondo-ing has pretty much become a universally accepted verb, and we have organization in all aspects on the brain. We've gotten our beauty products clean, picked up some tips on how to pack like a goddess of tidy, and now it's time for us to give our kitchens the organizational love they deserve! 
A well-loved kitchen can be the hardest thing to organize, especially those of us with small spaces to work with. Drawers can easily start getting jammed with overflowing tools, ovens can quickly become storage units, and spices start ending up in all the random nooks and crannies of the cabinets.

We're rolling out all of our tips to make sense of your kitchen next week, but this particular spice organizer has changed the game for us - and we got the idea from Giada! Stick this in a prime-real-estate drawer in your kitchen, and you'll never need to sort through all the spices looking for the dried oregano ever again - they'll all be front and center!


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