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What's Trending: Caliente Kitchens

Give your kitchen a colorful update with this red, hot trend.

Have you ever wondered how to use the Color of the Year in your home without going overboard… adding just enough to change things up?  This year's Benjamin Moore 2018 Color of the Year is Caliente (AF-290), a bold shade of red that conveys confidence and energy.  This beautiful red has a lot of depth with just a hint of orange that creates more warmth to the color-- and it's the perfect shade to update any kitchen space.
It's no secret that red is one of Giada's favorite colors and if you go to any of her restaurants (Giada VegasPronto By Giada or GDL Italian) you'll find red accents throughout the spaces.  Even her latest cookbook, Giada's Italy, uses the color throughout the book.  From tiles to pendant lamps to glassware, Giada has been ahead of the Caliente trend for years. And there's a reason she uses red in the kitchen-- it helps to stimulate the appetite!
Ready to take the color plunge? First, a few tips for using Caliente at home:
  • When shopping for this color, don't be confused by the different names of reds, just try to match to Caliente the best you can. If you want the exact shade of Caliente, bring the paint swatch with you as red can be hard to match.  Note: when shopping online the color will vary what you see on your screen versus what you might receive in person.
  • This is a bold color, so stick to accents of Caliente throughout the kitchen using small utensils or dishtowels to see how much you like the color before adding it as an accent wall or backsplash.
  • Red will brighten and energize any room, try pairing it with weathered woods or grays for a calming effect.
  • Choose a matte finish over glossy when painting an accent wall in the kitchen so it doesn't look too garish.
  • And remember, a little bit of this color goes a long way so use it sparingly ‚Äì or as Giada would say "A little bit of everything, but not a lot of anything."
No matter if you are color adverse or embrace it like Giada, here are a few ways you can bring this warm and spicy color into your kitchen:
Color Shy:
If bold red makes you nervous start small by jazzing up your kitchen utensils such as a spatula, whisk or kitchen sheers for a subtle splash of color:
Large Whisk Ruby Ring
Large Whisk Ruby Ring, $3.99
Getting Warmer:
A sponge holder, lemon juicer and garlic scraper are the perfect trifecta of Caliente red to make a small statement while making boring tasks a little more colorful:
Poppy Ceramic Kitchen Trio
Poppy Ceramic Kitchen Trio, $96
A Little Goes A Long Way
A tiny accent of this hue packs a fun punch for dinnerware, yet still makes a statement:
12 Piece Acrylic Drinkware Set

2 Piece Acrylic Drinkware Set, $72
Roulette Red Band Dinner Plate
Roulette Red Band Dinner Plate, $10
"Red-y" To Serve:
Using Caliente in dinnerware is bold, but also stimulates the appetite! Use the color with chargers and serve with white plates or try bigger items like a cast iron skillet or Dutch oven:
Starshine in Marsala Red Charger
Starshine in Marsala Red Charger, $120
Le Creuset 3 1/2 Quart Dutch Oven
Le Creuset 3 1/2 Quart Dutch Oven, $285
Mix It Up
A KitchenAid mixer in red not only adds a larger accent to your kitchen counter, but this shade also stands the test of time, so your investment is trendy, yet still classic:
Kitchenaid Stand Mixer
Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, $349
Look Up:
Pendant lamps are a great way to make your space seem big by bringing the eye up and expanding color into all angles of the kitchen:
Shelby Mod Pendant
Shelby Mod Pendant, $299
Playful Tiles:
Ceramic tiles will add a little flair in the kitchen, and a red pattern is great for a backsplash or even as coasters.  You can also try it as a solid color like Giada's newest restaurant GDL Italian in Baltimore where red subway tiles are placed in a chevron pattern to make a beautiful and dramatic statement when walking into the restaurant.  This idea would make a fun accent wall or backsplash:
Ruby Red Subway Tile
Ruby Red Subway Tile, $11 per sq. ft.
Color Lovers:
For the brave, try Caliente as a painted accent wall in the kitchen or dinging room.  It's easy to change if you decide it's too bold. Or instead why not turn it into a Color of The Year wall that rotates in the new color each year!
Caliente Paint Color
Caliente Paint Color, $9.99 for sample
Abbey Cook is a trend forecaster and creative consultant in Brooklyn who has traveled the world for over 10 years, looking for the latest trends in fashion, interiors and of course, food! For more trends and inspiration, follow along on Abbey's Instagram.


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