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This Customized Pet Sweatshirt Is The Ultimate For Pet Lovers

If you've been wondering about the perfect gift for the pet-lover in your life, you can end the search here.

For many of us die-hard animal lovers, we're ready to show off photos of our pets at a moment's notice... so literally wearing their portrait front-and-center on our clothing is a pretty sweet deal.  Behold the customized pet sweatshirt from Staud, which takes your pets face and turns them into a fashionable, embroidered portrait. 

As pet owners ourselves, we can attest to the fact that this is pretty much the perfect gift for any  person who is in love with their furbaby... (HINT HINT, anyone we know who may be reading!) Just as well, it can be the ultimate splurge on yourself, with the added sentimental value that your pet will live on in the form of a super high quality sweatshirt. Any pet parent knows just how special that sort of thing is!

If a sweatshirt isn't quite the thing, they offer custom pet bags as well - definitely a splurge, but the kind of thing someone would absolutely cherish for a lifetime.

As much as we adore the luxurious Staud customized pet sweatshirt, we found that there are a few makers on Etsy that are doing a pretty similar concept - and with a more digestible price tag! Check out Vyshyto's shop for their customization options.


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