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Giada's Spring Kitchen Essentials

05 April 2019
by Giadzy

Giada's Spring Kitchen Essentials

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Here's how to get your kitchen ready for spring cooking and entertaining

We've organized, tidied up, and Marie Kondo'd our way through 2019 so far - especially in the kitchen! And now that it's officially springtime, we're shifting the focus from cleaning to getting our kitchen cooking and entertaining-ready! Lucky for us, Giada has some tips to make it a breeze.

1. Invest in Double Duty Cookware - We're all for multitasking kitchen tools-- specifically, cookware that goes from stovetop, to oven, to table... beautifully! Giada's copper-lid dutch oven from Lagostina is a staple in our repertoire for that exact reason - presentation isn't sacrificed! It looks beautiful on the table, takes up less space in your cupboards since you don't need extra platters, and cuts down on dishes... a win-win! 

2. Colored Accents Are Your BFF - While Giada likes to keep things simple and clean with white when it comes to platters and serveware, she brings in color with bright, patterned linens, napkins and placemats. They're less expensive than specialty ceramics, and much easier to store. Dedicate a drawer or section of a closet to your variety of linens, and swap them out as needed to fit the theme for any party!

3. Refresh Your Cookbooks - Cookbooks are not only a fount of classic tried-and-true recipes, but they make for beautiful decor and conversation pieces in the kitchen. Go through your favorite cookbooks, and find the ones with your favorite spring-and-summer recipes to bookmark for a source of inspiration - and then put them on display!

4. Rearrange The Real Estate - When soup season is over, it's time to set the big dutch ovens and casserole dishes away for next season... especially when you have limited space! Carefully store away the winter cookware until next fall, and bring forward the salad serveware and ice cream bowls. It'll make it easier come prep time and you'll be reminded of what you have to work with! 


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