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Shopping for Clean Products Just Got Way Easier with this App

We all want to live greener, cleaner, healthier lives - but since we aren't experts, it can be daunting to make the right choices.

Cue this handy app Giada recently fell in love with: EWG's Healthy Living! The concept is simple: scan or search for a product, review its comprehensive rating, and make the best informed choice you can. From food to skincare, this app has a vast breadth of products so that you can check up on all the things you use in your daily routine.

We love the concept of this several reasons- first and foremost, it's invaluable to have this information sitting at our fingertips. Long gone are the days of confusing, and often conflicting internet searches! And, not only does it help you understand which products are clean and which aren't, but once you spend enough time digging around on the app, you start to learn about the specific ingredients you should avoid, too. Getting educated and informed on clean ingredients turns us into savvy shoppers - and eventually, we won't even need to look up every new product!
Download it HERE!


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