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My favorite Italian ingredients delivered to your doorstep in my limited-edition meal kit.

I've partnered with Buon Italia, an amazing Italian grocery store in New York City, to put together a box of my pantry must-haves to come straight from Italy to your doorstep.
It includes the very best dried pasta in the world, made in small batches by third-generation pasta makers in a small town outside Naples - it's the only kind I cook with at home. Plus Calabrian chile, one of my go-to tricks for adding a low heat and rich flavor to dishes that need a bit of spice, and some very special grown-in-Italy canned tomatoes that make even the simplest sauce taste absolutely sublime, along with real-deal Sicilian oregano. It comes to you with an exclusive recipe that puts them all to good use. You'll be eating like an Italian in no time!
Get your box HERE.


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