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Master Chic Italian Fashion With These 7 Rules

08 May 2019
by Giadzy
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From the breezy seasides of the Amalfi Coast to the metropolitan hustle of Milan and Rome, Italy is a mecca of fashion - and this is how you can master the look.

Italian fashion has always been on the forefront of trendsetting culture. Just look to Gucci, Prada, Armani, Valentino, and the myriad of other haute couture brands that define what's stylish on a universal level. 

Italian style is alluring, sexy, and has mystifying element where you can't put your finger on just what makes a fashion look seem Italian. Compared to other fashion capitols of the world, it's unique. When you think of French style, you think subtle and nuanced elegance. When you think of London or Tokyo, you imagine eclectic streetwear and avant-garde looks... However, when you think of Italian fashion, it's all about the bold, glamorous, fearless and confident. (things we're all looking to strive for a little more in our lives anyway, so why not get the sense of la moda to match?)

So, what components make up a seriously Italian wardrobe? We're breaking it down with these guidelines!

1. quality over quantity

We're not suggesting you head down to Via Tournabuoni in Florence and blow your budget on one piece of couture clothing, but it's the Italian way to have fewer clothes that are individually nicer quality. This also means opting less for clothes that seem trendy, and choosing timeless pieces that will last you through years of wear. Cashmere sweaters, heirloom handbags, and well-tailored shirts are all imperative! For where Giada always finds her quality pieces in Italy, tap here!


2. utilize prints

Italian-style prints are so of-the-moment right now. Geometric patterns, lemon motifs, leopard and snake-prints are all cropping up in clothing stores everywhere. For example, a boldly patterned midi or maxi skirt, jacket, or blouse is a perfect starting point to build the rest of your outfit from.

3. love leather

There's a reason you don't leave Florence without something leather! Italy is one of the largest leather-manufacturing countries in the world, so it's no surprise that they've nailed in with their fashion. This is where quality over quantity comes in: good leather will last you a lifetime. A beautiful bag, jacket or fitted skirt made of fine leather is quintessential in Italian style.

4. color it up

Italian women are not afraid of color! While neutral colors are wardrobe staples, pops of bold primary colors bring that Italy look home. However, if you don't want to commit to big pieces in statement colors, scarves and accessories are a great place to start!

5. statements

When it comes to accessories, it's not the time to be subtle! For example, oversized sunglasses, studded heels, chunky jewelry and lustworthy bags are all options for seriously stunning finishing pieces to really make your look shine. 

6. time for glam? always

Have you ever lusted after a pair of fancy heels or a dressy skirt, but convinced yourself otherwise because you just wouldn't wear it enough? Do away with that mindset! There's always room for a glammed up look in Italy from day to night. For instance, Italian women are masters of dressing down a glamorous coat with athletic sneakers during the day, or similarly pairing casual denim and crisp tailored shirts with a bright red heel to dress it up.


7. embrace your body

We know - this is easier said than done! With curve-fitting dresses, A-line skirts and fitted jackets, accentuating your curves and embracing femininity is the Italian way. The true sense of moda that comes from Italian fashion just isn't complete if it's not carried with confidence - it's your best accessory!


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