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Make This DIY Succulent Pumpkin Display

Celebrate the season with this gorgeous, long-lasting decor.

Pumpkins and their quirky, brightly colored cousins in the gourd family are the ultimate fall harvest symbol. After all, Halloween wouldn't be the same without jack-o-lanterns, or Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie - and we all love a pumpkin spice latte or two! To decorate with them in a slightly more elegant (and practical!) way, why not try your hand at these stunning succulent-topped pumpkins I put together with my friends at Roger's Gardens? All it takes is a little moss, some simple craft supplies, and the plants that spark your creative imagination.
Succulents are so trendy right now, in part because of their stunning, almost architectural form and the wide variety of shapes and sizes that they come in. They're also uniquely suited to survive in low-water environments, so they're less demanding than other house plants. Here in California, there are tons of native succulents that thrive in our desert heat, but because they've become so popular, you can find a great selection of succulents at any garden center.
To put these showpieces together, I turned to the experts at Roger's Gardens for their advice. Roger's Gardens is an amazing family-owned garden center near me that has been a destination for sustainable, beautiful plants and landscape design for more than 50 years. If you're near Orange County, you have to go visit them - if their gorgeous nursery doesn't get you inspired to up your gardening game, nothing will! 
Make these now, and you'll have an elegant Halloween display, plus a stunning centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. Because you don't cut into the pumpkins, they'll easily last that long - all you need to do is remember to mist the succulents every few days. And when you're ready to move on to Christmas decor, the plants can be repotted in soil and will live long, happy lives as your new house plants. No waste, no fuss, no worries. Recycling never looked so good!
You'll Need:

  1. Pumpkin (either a large or small pumpkin will work)
  2. Sheet moss (can be found at Michaels or on Amazon; Spanish moss will also work or any non-living moss)
  3. Tacky Spray
  4. Fast Grab Tacky Glue
  5. Succulents, various sizes, types and textures
  6. Pruners (to cut the succulents)

How To:

  1. Take succulent out of the package and remove all dirt and most of the root. Get your succulents ready to go so you can easily assemble.

  1. Spray tacky spray down on the crown of the pumpkin. Be careful not to spray too wide or your pumpkin will get sticky.
  2. Place moss down on top of pumpkin and press down with hands to adhere.
  3. Now time to add the succulents—Place a generous glob of tacky glue on the stem of the succulent. Start with the larger succulents to make a base in the middle.
  4. Fill in with smaller succulents around the edges
  5. Let dry overnight
  6. Mist with a spray bottle every few days to keep the succulents alive and happy!


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