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Jigsaw Puzzles Are the New Coloring Books

This kids' classic is the coolest thing in stress relief.

April showers bring...lots of time stuck indoors! If you've exhausted your Netflix queue, why not give a jigsaw puzzle a try? They're the latest in kids' activities to be reclaimed by overworked, overscheduled grown-ups. More collaborative than coloring books, puzzles are just as soothing after a hard day's work - and they're gaining on them in popularity, too. Just last month, the U.K.'s consumer trend watcher highlighted jigsaw puzzles as a rising trend among British adults.
"Play therapy" is the official name for this new practice of seeking stress relief and relaxation with puzzles, coloring books, and other kid-friendly fare. Its benefit comes from the state of mindfulness it inspires - like meditation, but more fun! - as well its ability to bring back long-forgotten happy childhood memories. You also get a gorgeous picture to look at while you puzzle away!
I like that it's such a flexible activity - you could open up a jigsaw puzzle after your next dinner party for a low-stress version of game night, do one on your own for maximum zen, or get the whole family involved. Next time our evening plans get rained out, Jade and I are going to test our skills on one of these fun new puzzles.
Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults
This gorgeous color field will put you in a zen state of mind.

Sugar Skull Cookies Puzzle
A sweet treat for girls' night in, minus the sugar crash afterward.

California Desert Mountains Puzzle by Charley Harper
Charley Harper's midcentury nature illustrations are stylish design classics.

Vinyl Collection Puzzle
Perfect for music lovers looking for a challenge!


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