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Jade's Halloween Costume Hot List

Jade shares the coolest costume picks of the year!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, but it got so much more fun when Jade came along - nothing can top the joy of watching your kid delight in candy, creativity, and fun with their friends (plus a few scares!). Jade takes the creepy celebration very seriously, and has been planning her costume for weeks now. Her taste changes so much from year to year, so it's always a bit of a surprise to see what costume she'll deem cool enough! This year, girly but creepy is in among her friends - Jade says cute costumes are so last year - so lots of her favorite looks take a familiar dress-up idea and give it a fun, feminine twist. Face paint and spray-on hair color in outrageous shades are a must to complete the ghoulishly glamorous look. After much deliberation, here are her picks for the coolest costumes this year:
Punk Devil

This devilishly awesome outfit has layers of tulle, sequins, and a convincingly singed hem.
Personalized Pink '50s Girl

Be a Pink Lady! This Grease-inspired costume comes with a sweet monogrammed satin jacket, which might just make it into the everyday wardrobe.
Zombie Cheerleader

Give me an "Argh"! A gruesomely girly cheerleader with blood-splattered dress will scare up a cheer at any party.
Kids' Movie Star Costume

Jade loves the oversized sunglasses that come with this Audrey Hepburn-inspired costume for extra drama.
Cutie Bones Skeleton
The classically creepy skeleton gets a sassy upgrade with a fun tutu skirt. Don't forget the face paint!
Wonder Woman

The best girl power movie of the year makes for one of the best costumes of the year, hands down.
Little Red Riding Hood

After much deliberation, Jade chose this detailed red riding hood costume. Get friends to dress up as a wolf and a woodsman for a fun group look!
...and one for the boys, from Jade's cousin Julian:

This friendly neighborhood web-slinger outfit comes with an impressively muscled physique sure to make any kid feel like a hero for the night.


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