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Jade's Back-to-School Essentials

All the gear your little ones need to start the school year in style.

It's everyone's favorite part of back-to-school: the new gear! From the smell of new pencils and blank notebooks to finding just the right backpack, new school supplies are the welcome sign of a fresh start. 
As usual, Jade has spent weeks picking out just what she wants; it's so fun to watch her style evolve over the years. Last year was ultra-colorful and exuberant (so much tie-dye!), but this year feels a little more grown up. She's all about solid colors with little pops of bright contrast, and whimsical accessories to add a little fun. Here's what she's bringing to class:
Mediterranean Printed Hair Ties
Nothing spruces up a ponytail like a fun hair tie! These prints remind Jade and me of our trips to the Italian coast.

Reusable Snack Bags
Way cooler (and more earth-friendly) than plastic, these bags can also be used to organize hair ties and other little things.

Roll-up Pencil Pouch
The design of this fun pencil case is just like a chef's knife roll, with separate slots for all your tools.

Black + Blum Lunch Pot
My mom used to send me to school with one of these - nothing keeps a hot meal warmer while you wait for lunch time.

Brain Freeze Journal
This trompe l'oeil journal makes taking notes in class a little bit sweeter.

Kitty Gel Pens
Each face on these cute kitty pens is more adorable than the last - Jade wants to get the whole set!

Herschel Settlement Backpack
Jade loves her Herschel backpacks - this year she's going with basic black, but we're adding a neon yellow monogram for a pop of color.

Fruit Slice Pencil Case
Jade can't decide between the watermelon, lime, or orange pattern on this delicious-looking pencil case.

Ospard Insulated Lunch Box
This tiffin-style lunch box stacks up three separate dishes or snacks for an enticing midday meal.

Takenaka Bento Box
Bento boxes are the perfect container for the lunches I pack for Jade, and this one comes in tons of fun colors.

BentoHeaven Bento Box 
This ingenious lunchbox has a safety strap to hold it together in a backpack, plus its own built-in chopsticks!

Avocado Eraser & Sharpener Set
Jade loves the goofy googly eyes on this avocado eraser, and the clever sharpener just sweetens the deal.

Macaron Erasers
Mistakes? Delicious! These realistic cookie-shaped erasers come packaged in a sweet box for extra style.



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