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How To Make Marshmallow Fondant

01 February 2017
by Giada De Laurentiis
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Made with miniature marshmallows, this DIY fondant is even easier and sweeter than the original.

I recently paid a visit to my pal Duff Goldman at his DIY cake and cupcake decorating studio in Los Angeles, Duff’s Cakemix, and picked up this great trick! Used by the pros when they're in a pinch, marshmallow fondant is easy to make at home with just a few simple ingredients: marshmallows, powdered sugar, shortening and vanilla. And better yet, it’s a great way to get kids involved in the baking and decorating fun! So next time you’re fresh out of fondant or want to up your cake decorating skills, give this DIY fondant recipe a try!
1/2 teaspoon vegetable shortening
1 (10 ounce) bag mini marshmallows
1/8teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 ½ to 2 ¾ cups powdered sugar
1. Grease the inside of a medium bowl with the shortening. Add the marshmallows to the bowl and microwave for about 1 minute or until the marshmallows are puffed and soft.

2. Using a rubber spatula, stir the marshmallows to ensure they are all melted. If a few remain, return the bowl to the microwave and heat in 10 second intervals until fully melted.

3. Add the extract and 1 cup of the powdered sugar. Combine using the rubber spatula.

4. Dust a clean counter with some powdered sugar and pour the marshmallow mixture onto the counter. Dust your hands with the powdered sugar as well.

5. Add gel food coloring as desired.

6. Begin to kneed the mixture like bread dough, adding more powdered sugar as the mixture keeps absorbing it until the marshmallow has the smooth texture of play-do and is no longer sticky.

7. Proceed as you would if you are using fondant. Check out our DIY Fondant Rose tutorial here.



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