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How To Get Your Cookware Sparkling Clean for Fall

This is hands down the best way to deep-clean ceramic pots and enamelware like Le Cruset.

Fall is here, and that means it's time to start thinking about soups, braises, and all of that delicious cold-weather comfort food. It also means it's time to dust off the heavy Le Creuset and ceramic cookware that's been sitting in the back of the cupboard for months, gathering dust during your summer salads and outdoor cookouts. Before they go back into heavy rotation, this is the perfect time to give these pieces a thorough cleaning to get them looking and performing their best.
Enamel and ceramic cookware is a little more delicate than your regular stainless steel. To clean it, you want something that will scrub off that baked-on grime, but nothing so harsh it will damage the finish (I'm looking at you, steel wool!). The answer that I swear by is a product called Bar Keepers Friend, a dry powder that, when scrubbed up with a bit of water, takes off even the oldest, nastiest stains. The old-fashioned cleanser has a million other uses, too - it removes rust, cleans hard water stains, and even buffs out scratches from stainless steel!

And if you want a more natural, DIY alternative, try baking soda. Sprinkle the multipurpose ingredient directly on your cookware, then pour over white vinegar. Let the paste sit for five minutes, then scrub. The grains of the baking soda act as a gentle abrasive to lift off dirt without leaving a mark, while the vinegar disinfects. Either method you choose, you'll be ready for chili season in no time.


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