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How To Host A Baking Wars Party For Kids

Emulate the excitement of a Food Network-style competition in your own house with a baking wars party!

Just a few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to throw Jade a party in the amazing new Milk Bar kitchen in LA. And though we called in help from the experts, this is a party concept that is totally doable at home! The premise is simple: Baking Wars (sound familiar, ahem, Cupcake Wars from television!). We took the show kids and adults know and love, and turned it into a competition-based baking party. Spoiler alert: everyone is a winner! 

We invited a handful of Jade's friends to participate in this fun event- and it got surprisingly educational!

Here's how to recreate it at home:

What You Need:

  • Sugar cookie dough
  • Game show spinning wheel
  • Prepared trivia questions for kids
  • Mix-ins for cookies: chocolate chips, pretzels, candies, potato chips... etc!
  • Bowls for mix-ins
  • Small paper or plastic cups for kids to collect their mix-ins
  • Sheet pans to bake cookies
  • Parchment paper (we love these unbleached pre-cut sheets)
  • Sharpie
  • Aprons
  • Optional: paper chefs hats, bandanas

Here's How To Prep:

First thing's first, cover whatever surface the kids will be using with butcher or craft paper, and tape the edges underneath the table to keep it your furniture safe. 

Make a big batch of sugar cookie dough (or get store-bought), and give each kid in attendance a bowl or plate of their personal dough. Buy (or make, if you're extra crafty!) a spinning wheel, and make questions for the categories ahead of time. For example, for the "animal" category, you could ask - "What's the biggest land animal?" (African elephant!) For world, you could ask "What Italian city is famous for its leaning tower?" (Pisa, of course!)

For every correct answer, kids get to pick some mix-ins for their cookies for their group. Have bowls set up full of goodies of your choice - chocolate chips, cut-up candies, potato chips, pretzels, nuts... go crazy! You can use small paper cups for kids to collect their winnings in. Then let the baking wars party begin!

Baking Wars Mix-ins

Have sheet trays at the ready, and preheat the ovens to 350! Grab a friend or family member to help when it comes time to judge for the tastiest cookie. The best part is that nobody really loses when there are so many cookies to be eaten!

Here's How To Host The Baking Wars Party:

When the kids arrive to the party, hand them each an apron (and a paper chef hat or a bandana, if you're so inclined!). 

Explain to them the rules of the party - they'll be divided up into two even groups (each team had their own color of bandana!) and in order to get any mix-ins for their cookies, someone from their group will need to answer one of the spinning wheel questions correctly! Every attendee will get opportunities to go up and spin the wheel. If they get the answer wrong, someone else from the party can raise their hand and give it a shot! Every time one of the kids gets a question right, their team wins one of the mix-ins for their group.

Everyone wins at baking wars!

When it's time to bake the cookies, have sheet pans ready with parchment paper. You can keep track of everyone's cookies by making sections with a sharpie and writing their initials or name in the section, then flip the parchment paper over so that none of the ink actually touches the cookies (but you can see it through the parchment!). Since we don't have industrial ovens to work with at home, 2-3 cookies per child, depending on how many are in attendance, is fine! If there's any leftover dough, simply bake off another batch after the first cookies have cooled.

Have cellophane or plastic baggies on hand for kids to take their cookies home with them (assuming they don't all get eaten on the spot!) 

So, have a little one who aspires to bake or cook? Throw them this themed party for their birthday - they'll never forget it!


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