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Holiday Hint 8: Save Your Paper Towel Rolls For This Easy DIY!

12 December 2018
by Giadzy

Holiday Hint 8: Save Your Paper Towel Rolls For This Easy DIY!

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No need for expensive tins - paper towel rolls are our go-to vessel for gifting candy!

Here at Giadzy, we don't necessarily fancy ourselves as DIY masters - so when we come up with a project that's actually easy, and actually really cute, you know we're all about it! Enter these incredibly simple paper towel roll candy containers. We came up with this after leaving Capri a few months ago with the plethora of lemon candies we'd all acquired - a cut-in-half cardboard paper towel roll fit the bill just fine for giving some of our loot away!
The steps are simple! Hold on to your paper towel rolls after finishing them off in advance, and reuse them for this resourceful wrap. 

  1. Cut the paper towel roll in half with scissors. Decorate it if you wish with markers (Jade doodled on the one in the video!)
  2. Set it down with the holes facing left and right in front of you, and place candy of your choice inside.
  3. Cut out a small piece of flexible wrapping paper, and gently roll the wrapping paper over the paper towel roll. Tape the wrapping paper in place if you wish.
  4. Twist the ends of the wrapping paper to close. Use ribbon, string or twine to tie bows on either end.

Voila! An easy, resourceful and fun way to deliver candy without needing to stop at the store.


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