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Giadzy 2022 Gift Guides - For The Chef

15 November 2022
by Giadzy

Giadzy 2022 Gift Guides - For The Chef

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From chefs, for chefs: the gifts our culinary team is loving this year!

These chef-curated picks are taken directly from our own personal wishlists (hint, hint!) and are sure to delight the food lover in your life, whether they’ve just set foot in the kitchen or are already a total pro.

beginners guide to italian cooking gift box

Beginners Guide to Italian Cooking Kit

Inspired by Giada’s bestselling book Everyday Italian, this kit contains all the most essential Italian pantry items—the best dried pasta, unfiltered extra-virgin olive oil, luscious San Marzano tomatoes—plus a signed copy of the book.
stainless steel grater microplane

Stainless Steel Grater

These super sharp, versatile graters are beloved by chefs, but few notice how quickly they get dull once they’ve been in constant rotation. Gift them a new one, and they’ll be overjoyed at the difference.
black truffle sauce

Ori di Langha Black Truffle Sauce

An inky blend of mushrooms and black summer truffles from the Piedmont region, this sauce is an umami bomb that tastes fabulous on pizza, pasta, roasted potatoes…the list goes on and on. If you’ve got a truffle lover on your list, look no farther.
electric kettle

Electric Kettle

Designed by iconoclastic Italian architect Michele de Lucchi, a founder of the Memphis design collective known for its colorful, blocky creations in the 1980s, this cheerful electric kettle will bring a smile every morning.
galateo and friends olive oil set

Giadzy + Galateo & Friends Exclusive Olive Oil Set

This set of four monovarietal olive oils from Galateo & Friends was put together just for us, with gorgeous Giadzy-exclusive packaging and a sampling of the tastiest oils from Liguria.

The Kunz Spoon

Every chef loves their spoons, and this one is the crème de la crème. Engineered by legendary chef Gray Kunz, it’s perfectly weighted and just the right size and shape for basting, plating, saucing, and more. They’ll never use another spoon again.

Extra-Large 8kg Panettone

It wouldn’t be an Italian Christmas without the panettone! This extra-large version of the traditional sweet bread-cake hybrid will keep the whole family fed throughout the holiday season. Maybe this year, they’ll finally have enough left to make French toast on Christmas morning.

cake stand oklahoma

Oklahoma Tray

Giada spotted this jaw-dropping cake stand in a shop in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital—a fitting home for a piece that’s more jewelry than kitchenware. Made of hand-cut crystal, it would make any cake a showstopping centerpiece.
 baking dish madein

Baking Dish

We all love our workhorse kitchen gear, but there’s something extra appealing about a cute, well-designed upgrade like this two-tone porcelain baking dish. It magically makes every lasagna and baked pasta look more delicious and can go straight from oven to table.


Plating Tongs

The secret to serving picture-perfect plates of pasta at home? These unassuming tongs. Just pick up your finished pasta and twirl as you lower it onto the dish for gorgeous swirls just like the pros. (They’re also great for safely plucking a piece of pasta from boiling water to check if it’s done.)
calabrian chili paste

Tutto Calabria Calabrian Chili Paste

Heat seekers and skeptics alike will love this quintessential Italian condiment, a bright, lively blend of fruity, spicy Calabrian chilis, olive oil, and vinegar. It brings the heat on pizza, in pasta sauce, as a marinade, or infused into oil or honey for a more subtle kick.
wooden tasting spoons

Five Two Wooden Spoons

There are countless wooden spoons in the world, but we’re convinced there are no better, more thoughtfully designed spoons in the world than this set from Food52. Giada uses them daily and adores their genius shapes, tapered edges, and lightweight, stain-resistant craftsmanship.
lisa corti placemat

Lisa Corti Placemat Set

These round placemats from Lisa Corti, the grande dame of Italian textile design, are the epitome of Italian chic. Want to make your dinner party look straight out of a movie? Start with these.
balsamic tasting

Italian Balsamic Vinegar Journey

They may know that true Italian balsamic is miles beyond the flat bite of grocery store vinegar, but even aficionados are surprised by how much the flavor of this complex, sweet-and-tangy elixir varies depending on age, maturation process, and barrel conditions. Give the gift of eye-opening flavor by designing a custom tasting from our selection of authentic balsamics from Modena using our guide.
olive oil bowls

Vietri Olive Oil Bowls

Direct from the ceramic artisans of the Amalfi coast, these charming bowls are the perfect size to hold olive oil, condiments, olives, or pickles. They’re hand-painted with a pig and fish in the colorful style you’ll see lining the streets of every coastal town in the region.
tour de pasta box 

Tour De Pasta Box

Long or short, thick or thin, there’s a pasta shape for every occasion in Italy. This beautifully packaged gift box contains three of our favorites, all sourced directly from Naples. They’re made by the Setaro family, who have been making their pasta the same way for more than 80 years.
anchovy filets in tin armatore

Armatore Anchovy Filets in Tin

Every chef worth their apron knows the culinary power of the humble anchovy. It’s the secret ingredient that makes Caesar salad sing, adds oomph to tomato sauces, and makes for meatier marinades. Give them this special tin of hand-caught anchovy filets from Cetara, on the Amalfi coast, and they’ll never look back.
 pasta night in gift box

Pasta Night In Box

Nothing beats the perfect simplicity of pasta pomodoro—that is, except a curated kit that delivers everything needed to make it, plus four gorgeous pasta bowls! This box contains ultra-sweet datterini tomatoes, delightfully quirky fusilli from Naples, a smooth and balanced olive oil from Puglia, and bowls from our friends at Made In.


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