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Giada's Holiday Handbook

Welcome, welcome to Giada's virtual holiday handbook!

Filled with cherished recipes, festive projects and holiday tips, this is your one-stop shop to all things holiday. Make a cup of tea, a biscotti or two, pump up the holiday radio station and let's get to scrolling!


Build-Your-Own Holiday Menu

Pick and choose between our favorite sides, salads, pastas and main courses for an amazing dinner!


get inspired

 Feast Of The Seven Fishes, Made Easy

Giada's Southern Italian Feast Of The Seven Fishes Menu, Made Simpler

This meal captures the spirit of the tradition seafood feast... but with a lot less fuss!


Giada's Christmas Menu: Elegance Made Easy

Lo and behold - Giada's secretly simple Christmas menu with a few tasty shortcuts!


Super Quick Appetizers For Drop-By Guests

Don't fret if you have a guest coming over without much warning! As long as you have a few key ingredients on hand, you can whip up some super quick holiday appetizers that will make you seriously looking like an entertaining pro.


Show-Stopping Holiday Desserts 

Now's the time to go big!


The Ultimate Italian Cookie Guide

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a cookie or two…or more than a few! If you’re searching for some Italian inspiration for an upcoming cookie swap or holiday party, you’ve come to the right place.



Make Giada's Crostini Christmas Tree! 

Such an incredibly easy appetizer to pull off, and it's so festive and adorable. We're a little obsessed with it. 




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