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Giada's Favorite Italian Graphic Tees To Wear All Summer

Giada has an enviable sense of style that ranges from patterned dresses to cool sneakers and everything in between - but the most-asked about thing? Her Italian graphic tees!

The graphic t-shirt is coming back in fashion in a big way! Whimsical and cheeky sayings, bright colors mixed with pastel hues, and a 70's vibe that we can't get enough of are all over storefronts everywhere. Our personal favorite kind? The Italian graphic t-shirt!

We'll give credit where credit is due - Giada has been on the forefront of this trend for awhile! She always shows up to shoots with an array of attention-grabbing graphic tees. Not only are we always asking where they're from, but when we post them on social, everyone's always clamoring for where to get one - and we don't blame you guys! 

So, what's Italian graphic tees are in Giada's closet now? We got Giada to spill some of her favorite picks of the moment, and you can check out some of her favorites below.

Bellissima Italian Graphic Tee

Ciao Italian Tee

Ciao Graphic Tee - n:philanthropy



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