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Giada's Super-Sized Superbowl Menu

I'm making gourmet super-sized versions of your favorite game day foods.

Bigger is better — when it comes to game day dishes, that is. That's why this year, I decided to do gourmet super-sized versions of classic game day dishes. So instead of your everyday sandwich, I'm doing them up sub-style with three flavors to choose from: an Italian-style deli sandwich with salami and mortadella, a classic turkey and cheese and as a vegetarian option, burrata and curried cauliflower. I call it a Three Way Tie Sandwich because you actually make all three variations on the same 2-foot loaf of bread, and also, it's too hard to pick a favorite!
Since it isn't a Superbowl party with out dip, I'm preparing a dip bar with all the fixings. I try to have at least a few healthier options for my guests, so I'm serving up a Green Goddess White Bean Dip along with a vegetable crudite and a slightly more decadent cheesy Gorgonzola-Cucumber Dip with plenty of chips and pretzels. And last but not least, my jumbo baked Spicy Calabrian Shrimp. They get their heat from the Calabrian chili paste in the marinade but not to worry, they're mild enough for everyone to enjoy.
So no matter who you're rooting for this year, this menu should earn you a few points with your guests and leave you with plenty of food to go around. And don't forget to catch the full party how-to on this week's episode of Giada Entertains Sunday at 12pm on Food Network!


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