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Giada's Last Minute Gift Guide

We all have that friend who gets their Christmas shopping list checked off by 9am on Black Friday, but for most of us, those first few days of December seem to slip by in a haze of leftover turkey and holiday baking. Finding the perfect gift for family and friends is the ultimate mood-lifter, but sometimes it can feel like a race against time. Don't let the ticking clock stress you out! These gifts are everything you need: thoughtful, original, and most important quick. No matter when you start shopping, this list has got you covered.

2 weeks to go: Shop HERE

You've still got time to get out and hit the stores before they become impossible, or shop online and save a little cash on standard shipping, knowing your package will arrive before the big day. Shop the guide HERE.

1 week to go: Shop HERE

It's starting to get crowded out there! These gifts let you do your decision-making in the comfort of your own home, then pick them up in store rather than bite your nails over express shipping. Shop the guide HERE.

5 Days to go: Shop HERE

Getting down to the wire! Thank goodness for express shipping and Amazon Prime. With them, these gifts are guaranteed to make it home in time. Shop the guide HERE.

1 Day to go: Shop HERE

It's truly the last minute. But that's OK; these gifts are all available via digital download, so you can send them seamlessly in an email or print out the instructions if you want something to unwrap in the morning. Shop the guide HERE.


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