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Giada's 70s Throwback Menu

For one of my most fun get-togethers yet, we threw it all the way back to the 1970s.

I went all-out from the decor to the outfits - and quite honestly, you can't not have a fun time when you're dressed this groovy.
While the 1970s might not inspire the best memories of food, my contemporary spin on some of the most popular dishes of the decade were tooootally far out. For starters, I took the classic Waldorf salad and made it fresh (and Italian!) by turning it into a panzanella, updated with arugula and fennel. Next, my Sweet-and-Sour Shish Kabobs get their heat from my secret ingredient: Calabrian Chili Paste (and serve them on skewers to make sure you don't get any of the finger-licking sauce on your rad outfit!). Lastly, we're bringing Hamburger Helper into the 21st century with all-fresh ingredients, but with that same nostalgic taste we grew up on.

For the drinks, forget about the old myth of Harvey - we're making Giada Wallbangers! Think Screwdrivers but with an extra depth of flavor from Galliano, all tied together with Italian cherries. Can you dig it, man? Grab the recipes below!


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