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I'm Launching a Pasta Line with Williams Sonoma

13 July 2017
by Giada

I'm Launching a Pasta Line with Williams Sonoma

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... and it's available online starting today!

I'm so excited to announce my latest project, a collection of sauces, seasonings, and kitchen tools in cooperation with Williams Sonoma. That's right, I'm coming to your home! This has been months in the making – it's been tough keeping it a secret, but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect before it got to you. I've been testing and re-testing my recipes, even sneaking breaks on set to make batch after batch of sauce. My taste testers are officially pooped!
Cooking on TV is so much fun, but my real love is feeding people, something you just can't do in a studio. The opening of my restaurant in Las Vegas three years ago has given me a taste of that joy, but it only scratched the surface. This is one of the rare chances I've had to reach out and cook for every one of you, and I couldn't be happier.

The sauces I've cooked up for this launch are: parmesan pomodoro, Calabrian chile pomodoro, pumpkin alfredo, butternut squash basil, and vegetable bolognese. I knew the parmesan pomodoro was done when I packed up a batch in mason jars and gave it to parents at Jade's school. When they raved about it, I knew to stop tinkering with the recipe! The vegetable bolognese just like the one I serve at my restaurant, which has been a customer favorite from the very beginning. And the pumpkin alfredo was a personal challenge to beat the pumpkin spice latte at its own game! It may be my favorite of the group.
I've also put together four spice rubs/mixes, for everything from turkey to meatballs to steak. My famous cacciatore rub has 10 different ingredients, which can be a real pain to put together if you don't have an obsessively stocked pantry. Now you don't have to!
Finally, I just couldn't resist including a few key tools for making pasta. In my kitchen, everything has to do double duty and be both efficient and beautiful, and I wanted to do the same with these. The pasta fork and rake will become your new best friends when you're dishing up pasta, and the ravioli stamps are just like the ones everyday Italians keep in their kitchen battery. And because everything tastes better finished with a handful of parm, the conical grater's shape makes it perfect for hard cheeses, with a wide base that makes it stable and easier to hold.

As a busy mom, I know the struggle so well. You want to put a home-cooked meal on the table every day, but time and energy are hard to find after a long day at work. Cooking shouldn't be just a Sunday project! These products meet you wherever you are, whether you have just enough time to boil up a pot of pasta or just want to skip a couple of steps in your recipe (stay tuned for some of those here starting next week!). I wanted everything to be versatile, so the sauces are delicious on their own or as ingredients in a more complicated meal.
You can purchase everything online here at I hope you like it!


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