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Get Giada's Metallic Chrome Nails at Home

Master this at-home technique for salon-worthy chrome nails this holiday season.

When it comes to festive nails, I turn to my nail artist, Katie Masters, for what's new and trending. Right now, it's all about metallics - you can't go wrong and they go with just about any holiday party outfit without looking cheesy. I especially love gold but silver and rose gold make a fun statement too. Here, Katie gives us her tips for creating the look at home. The best part? All you need is this DIY Chrome kit and gold power (both available on Amazon Prime!). No salon time necessary!
Step one: Start with a clean/prepped nail and add a layer of base coat.

Step two: Decide which chrome powder you want to wear and add a  layer of a similar color polish first. This doesn't have to match the chrome perfectly so any metallic/color should be fine! Add a layer of clear on top of the color (based on your kits instructions) and cure/dry.

Step three: Get ready to chrome it up! You can use a makeup sponge or even your finger for this step. Dip your finger in the chrome, and just know that a little bit goes a long way!

Step four: Rub the powder on top of the clear layer you added and watch the chrome come alive! Make sure and cover the whole nail.

Ta da!


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