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Gather Venice: The Recap And Recipes from Giada!

Bring the Gather Venice celebration to your kitchen!

This year, team Giadzy headed to Venice, Italy to participate in Gather Venice. It was a weekend full of cooking demonstrations, wine tasting and learning - and we're giving you the recap and recipes to continue the celebration at home.
The food and wine festival took place at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa, on the Venetian archipelago of Isola delle Rose. As far as scenery and ambiance goes, we were definitely off to the right start!

On top of delicious things to eat and vino to drink, the focus of the event was all on mindfulness. In between fun events like Bocce and Bubbles, demonstrations on the latest cocktail trends and lots of informative cooking demos, we took the time to unwind in the "Mindfulness House". With cool experiences like blending our own curated tonics and stopping in for some yoga, we decided that being zen and getting our food and drink on are all the makings for a pretty perfect weekend. As pictured above, hanging out in the hammock was a relaxing pastime as well!

Want to bring the experience home? All of Giada's cooking demos and classes featured recipes we have right here on Giadzy, and you can tap on them below. If you want to get that full mindfulness experience in between it all, why not opt for an at-home spa day or some meditation? It pairs well with wine!
gather venice


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